Christmas time

My favourite time of the year. Everyone one I know likes to collect decorations for the Christmas tree but here I have something very special. A decorated bauble. Not massed produced but hand made individually. Each one comes packed in it’s own little box for safe keeping and it makes the most wonderful gift you can give some one.

Moebius Star

A little different bauble for the tree. The size of the star is 3.5 inches and is stunning in any colour. This one is red with a gold edge but I can make any colour you want.


White zig zag bauble

A very pretty pattern with sparkly crystal drops. This can be any colour of beads on any colour of bauble, the choice is yours.


Christmas trees on a white bauble

A very traditional pattern, Christmas trees in the snow!


Padded star

This pretty padded star measure 4.5″ with a tiny crystal at each point to add extra sparkle.


Snowflake jacket bauble

This is a little 30cm bauble with a sung little snowflake jacket. It looks lovely in any colour.


Netted crystal bauble

A real sparkling stunner… A simple net covers the bauble with tiny crystals between and crystals dangling down.


Starry nights bauble

An old favourite of mine, a bauble covered in stars and crystals. Lovely in any colour.


Snowball bauble

A simple snowball bauble with some sprigs of holly and little icicles hanging down. Just right on the tree.


Swags and tails bauble

Reminiscent of a Victorian Christmas. Rich and decadent with beads, crystals and pearls.